Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Download SopCast – Watch Live Football Online Free

Download SopCast – Watch Live Football Online Free
With this free tool, you can watch Champions League, Premiership, UEFA Europa Cup, some Football Online, it also allows you to watch all major European leagues including the English Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga and Primera Division.

SopCast is a simple, free way to broadcast video and audio or watch the video and listen to radio on the Internet. Adopting P2P(Peer-to-Peer) technology, It is very efficient and easy to use.

Let anyone become a broadcaster without the costs of a powerful server and vast bandwidth. You can build your own TV stations comparable with large commercial sites with minimal resources.

With SopCast, you can serve 10,000 online users with a PC and a home broadband connection

Here are some key features of “SopCast”:

· Get stream data from many nodes on the SOP network at the same time(P2P transfer), make the channel more available and stable.
· Build your own channels and broadcast it over the Internet.
· Streaming many stream file types, asf, wmv, rm, rmvb. etc.
· Support for loop file playing.
· A build-in TV station retransmit the channels from other stream media servers.
· Support for many stream network transfer protocol. mms, rtsp, http etc.
· Monitor broadcast source quality and channel quality to help audiences to select a appropriate channel.
· Record the clips when you are watching it.
· Total memory cache, no harm to the harddisk.
· Support for authentication on both the broadcaster and the audiences.
· Support multiple channels broadcast on the same server.
· Small green software, no registry change, no system file change.
· Support URL visit. You can place your URL in your website and the others can earier to view your media.

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